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The Alchemist
Growing up with a reverence for nature, Caroline has worked with plant and flower essences since the age of seven when she concocted rosewater from the gardens of her childhood home in England. She is a certified herbalist from Flynn's School of Herbology in New York and studied Visionary Craniosacral Therapy with Hugh Milne at the Milne Institute, CA. Caroline also studied traditional Chinese medicine and has certification in Shiatsu Anma therapy from the Shiatsu School of Santa Monica, CA. She has used essential oils for 25 years and combines them with her craniosacral work as both are intimately connected to the function of the autonomic nervous system.


Cheserae’s esthetician practice has included custom blending essential oils and other natural products for 20 years. After searching for the best products to restore harmony and balance to a client’s skin, she helped create them with her partner, Caroline. The Aveda Institute licensed her as an esthetician and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a wellness coach. Cheserae is also certified as a life transition coach where she uses essential oils in sacred rituals. She is passionate about helping clients take care of their skin through holistic health practices including nutrition and essential oils.

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