La Divina

~ Why Oil is Good for Your Skin ~ 

La Divina’s facial oils pull toxins from the skin. Instead of stripping the skin with drying ingredients, La Divina facial oils pull out bacteria and impurities and maintain the pH balance of the skin.  Because your face is well moisturized with facial oils, it stops the overproduction of its own oil and helps heal and repair the skin.

La Divina contains pure plant oils without preservatives or synthetic fragrance.  The oils penetrate deep into the epidermis for a brighter, more radiant appearance. 

~ Quality of Essential and Carrier Oils Matter ~

If a plant is distilled at high heat under high pressure, many of its health giving properties will be destroyed.  La Divina products are sourced from oils produced at low heat using low pressure with no chemicals involved.  Often, essential oils are labeled organic even if chemicals were used in the distillation or extraction process.

La Divina is bottled in miron violet glass that not only preserves the potency of the oils, but also enhances it. Miron glass works like a natural filter that only lets through the sunlight that protects and improves the quality of sensitive substances like essential oils.

Created and Produced in Los Angeles, CA